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Our CCTV Solutions are reliable, expandable, easy to deploy & use. They come in Analog, Analog HD, IP & Hybrid flavours. The accompanying software gives the user a clear view of the happenings. Settings are easy to make & replay of events / incidents are easy to trace & view.

Special solutions targeted to our Retail Customers like People Counting, Heat Mapping & Business Analytics are also available with us. We are proud partner to J & S United Technology Corp. from TAIWAN. All our products are 'Made in Taiwan'.

Camera solutions on Rental

Our CCTV Solutions can also integrate with Access Control & Intrusion Alarm Solutions if required.

Monitoring activities is possible locally as well as over the Internet for authorised personnel.

HD Cameras & Hybrid DVRs

Face Recognition, Thermal, IVS & IP Cameras

Datasheet for HD Cameras & Hybrid DVRs

Datasheet for Face Recognition, Thermal, IVS & IP Cameras

CCTV Transmission Products over UTP & Coaxial Cable

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