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Our CCTV Solutions are reliable, expandable, easy to deploy & use. They come in Analog, Analog HD, IP & Hybrid flavours. The accompanying software gives the user a clear view of the happenings. Settings are easy to make & replay of events / incidents are easy to trace &view. We have support for 1080, 4K & 8K Cameras.

Special solutions targeted to our Retail Customers like People Counting, Heat Mapping & Business Analytics are also available with us.

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics from AnaDigiprovide you with actionable intelligence about your business, big or small.
Over time this information can be collected and analyzed to better allocate resources.
Heat-maps of customer walk-through patterns provide information about sought-after products and the efficiency of various displays. Knowing customer flow patterns allows for optimal product placement and efficient floor setup.
Monitor your retail, banking, or heath care location while collecting data for a wide range of metrics:
  • - Count customer enter/exit
  • - Crowds gathered outside the premises provide information about new signage or product displays
  • - People lingering in front of displays show product engagement
  • - Customers meandering around sales kiosks indicate confusion
  • - Customer enter/exit counts provide insight to the store's busiest hours and conversion rates
  • - Post event, search for people in specific areas wearing specific colors, without re-processing, to detect suspicious people
  • And more...


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