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We are proud to partner DrayTek Corporation ( of Taiwan as their Authorized Distributor for the Indian sub-continent.

Founded in 1997, DrayTek Corporation is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of networking equipment and management systems. From ISDN, VDSL to LTE, DrayTek has always been striving to provide SMBs and professional with reliable, fast and secure connections. Our mission is to deliver high-quality and high-integrated networking services at an affordable price and be your reliable networking solution partner.

All DrayTek products can be centrally managed and offer secure communication path to users who wish to connect over an Internet.


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Proscend is headquartered at well-known Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan and has established strong sales presence over 60 countries such as Japan, Germany, India, USA, UK, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, etc. Our high-quality products and reliable solutions have deployed into the major national infrastructures and have integrated with a wide range of applications in various industries. Proscend also has already gone deep into Indian market for over a decade and established a subsidiary company in New Delhi to provide industrial-grade and commercial-grade mobile wireless and wired communications devices as well as collaborate with the leading telecommunications operator.

Proscend's Advantages:

● With over 20 years of experience specializing in industrial-grade and carrier-grade mission-critical communications products and solutions.
● Collaborate well with more than 10 first-tier international brand enterprises.
● Deploy over million devices in diverse industries and various applications.
● Skilled engineering expertise and sales support with more than 300 man-year experience.
● Marketing growth 60+ countries globally even more.
● Quality stability and product reliability are certified for international authorization.


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