Digital Signage

Using our digital menu board solution, you can easily and quickly create beautiful digital menu boards, edit your prices, add images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows and videos. All changes wirelessly update the digital menu within minutes!

You can create an unlimited number of playlists, examples morning menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, happy hours menu, special events menus and more!


NoviSign offers a unique, easy to use and operate Digital Signage System designed especially for educational institutions of all types: Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, K12, and Universities. Upgrade the learning experience by adding informative and interactive screens, allowing you to publish and convey information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

Internal Communications

Unique and easy-to-use digital signage for internal communications is used to better engage and communicate with employees. Display: internal communications, company news, employee announcements, real-time targets and tasks, goals, HR notifications, factory floor metrics and media presentations. Upgrade your internal communications digital signage strategy by adding informative screens, enabling you to edit, update and publish information speedily, professionally and smoothly.


Healthcare digital signage is a powerful new tool that when used increases patient satisfaction, advances the way you communicate with your staff all while reducing the need to print and post new signage.
Digital signage for healthcare makes it easier for you to share new and time-sensitive information. Because better communication is vital to your operations the medical facilities around the world are turning to digital signage for hospitals to:

Advertising Networks

Create new forms of recurring revenue using your existing TVs! Known as DOOH (digital-out-of-home) or OOH (Out of Home), advertising network digital signage let’s sell advertising spots on your screens. Send any combination of commercials, advertisement slides and other content streams to TVs, kiosks and tablets.

When used correctly, transportation digital signage can make a quick impact on guests’ experiences, streamline the way you share information, and help you promote services. Using NoviSign digital signage transportation software, you will have complete control over the notifications and content being displayed across your screens and kiosks.

Sports Facilities

Digital signage for sports venues is a highly efficient way to improve the way you broadcast information and sales. Digital signage for sports venues can dramatically improve the way you upsell food and concession stands items, promote upcoming events and provide general customer service information. With NoviSign’s Digital Signage for sports venues, you can drive customer experiences while improving your bottom line profits!


NoviSign offers an exceptional, easy-to-use and control Digital Signage for Hospitality that engineered especially for hospitality establishment types: hotels, cruise lines, resorts, casinos, movie theaters and convention centers. Improve and enhance the way you visually share information by adding digital signage, enabling you to edit and broadcast notifications swiftly, professionally and easily.

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