Terms & Conditions

Anadigi Global – Terms of Warranty:

We offer warranty on those items where our manufacturer offers warranty.

The system is covered under one year warranty against manufacturing defects for the product , from the date of delivery, that could happen during the normal usage. 
The following are excluded from the warranty: 
        ·Improper usage of the system
        ·Usage by untrained personnel
        ·Use or modifications by third party
        ·Improper electric supply rating or problems related to power supply.
        ·Improper ventilation or airconditioning or humidity control
        ·The use of damaged cards or consumables or consumables not procured from us
        ·Improper storage conditions of equipment or material
        ·Natural disasters
        ·Damages resulting  from usage of unapproved consumables
        ·Software viruses
        ·Cabling done by us after its completion
        ·Consumables such as power supplies, power extensions, cards, ribbons, print heads, drums, paper, rubber / plastic  material, lamps, lenses, glass etc., Should any of the above be the cause of malfunction, we will rectify the problem after submitting an estimated cost for repair and receiving the approval from the concerned authorities.

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